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AC Installation & Replacement in Land O’ Lakes, Florida 

An old, unreliable, and inefficient air conditioner can make you feel like you’ve been ordered to walk the plank. Don’t let you and your crew be marooned in the Florida heat any longer. Call Matey Arrr Conditioning & Heating. We offer the finest air conditioner installation and replacement services in Land O’ Lakes. We’ve set sail on a voyage to ensure the comfort of those in the city and the surrounding areas, and you could be our next stop.

To get the help of our seasoned crew, reach out today. We’d gladly be your guide as you sort through choices for energy-efficient and dependable cooling technologies. Are you wondering about financing? We can connect you with great options. Give us a shout, and we can give an estimate for the installation or replacement project—no doubloons required!

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Tips for Buying a New AC

Avast, matey! When you’ve set your sights on a new air conditioner, there are a few things you should consider:

  1. British Thermal Unit (BTU) Capacity: We measure a system’s cooling capacity in BTUs. Your new air conditioner’s BTUs should correspond with the size of your property. Systems with too little capacity can leave you in the sweltering heat. At the same time, one with too much capacity could waste your precious loot.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Seek out systems that boast seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER2) ratings above 14.3 and ENERGY STAR certification. These cooling units can help your energy efficiency soar like a seagull above the ocean blue.
  3. Noise Level: Look for air conditioners with low noise levels so you can enjoy a peaceful slumber without being disturbed by a rowdy machine.
  4. Durability and Warranties: A sturdy ship is built to weather the stormy seas, and air conditioners are no different. Check for reputable brands known for their quality craftsmanship and long-lasting performance. Don't forget to check for warranties. They can provide peace of mind should you need air conditioner repairs or maintenance.
  5. Installation Requirements: Before embarking on your installation or replacement journey, consider where your new system will go, what energy source it needs, and other details of its installation.

Choosing a new air conditioner can feel like sailing through choppy water. Don’t feel discouraged if you’ve got sea legs. You can call on our crew at Matey Arrr Conditioning & Heating for support. We’d gladly aid your quest for cool breezes. 

Common Types of ACs 

Below are three of the most common air conditioning systems in the Sunshine State: 

  • Central Air Systems: Many consider these the treasure of all cooling technologies. Central air conditioning is a perfect choice for those with a large crew to keep comfortable. It distributes cool air through a network of ducts, allowing for uniform cooling. There is no need to battle hot spots with this technology.
  • Heat Pumps: This is a mighty device capable of cooling and heating. It’s like having a loyal crew member who can change hats with the turn of a tide. Plus, heat pumps are highly energy efficient.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Systems: There’s no use cooling empty cabins! With a ductless mini-split system, you can have multiple units in different rooms, each with its own thermostat. That’s total control of your property’s temperature.
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Ye can set yer appointment with but a few clicks o' the mouse, me heartie!
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Is it Time to Replace Your AC? Get a Free Estimate for Your Installation Project. 

If you find your air conditioner showing these signs, it is likely time to consider replacing it: 

  • It is long past its expected lifespan. 
  • It is making strange noises. 
  • The air it blows is warm or hot. 
  • Your system is leaking water or refrigerant. 

When you’ve encountered these things, fear not! Matey Arrr Conditioning & Heating is your trusted crew for air conditioner installation and replacement in Land O’ Lakes. We offer services that can fit even the most discerning pirate captain. Let us know what you need, and as sure as the North Star in the sky, we’ll guide you toward the path to comfort. 

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